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A New Breath of Care for our Retired Heroes: Cancer Resource Alliance Supports the RMA

4/30/3019 Brooklyn, NY -- The RMA (Retired Member’s Association of the FDNY) welcomed some of the leading patient advocates of the First Responders Cancer Resource to present its cancer awareness message to the packed room of career firefighters.  Among the many topics covered were: Early Detection & Prevention, the value of a SECOND OPINION, current mortality rates and the vigilant health message of “Get Checked Now!” 

It was an evening of great solidarity for the members united by the leadership of President and membership chairman Jim Hayhurst.  This highly respected organization (founded in 1946) is comprised of retired firefighters of all ranks chartered to bring access to top professionals and direct supporters of this special community.  Proud attendees express their appreciation for the RMA as one of the major groups that seek out valuable information and contributors to help their members stay current on safety, health, information about pensions and other vital matters …