Launch of the first New York Cancer Resource Alliance Meeting with a Presentation on “EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION”

May 10, 2018- NYC; Dr. Steven Cohen, Chair of the Science & Technology Committee of the LOTOS CLUB hosted the 2018 speaker series with Dr. Robert Bard's opening presentation on Early Detection & Prevention by NYCRA (New York Cancer Resource Alliance) and The group elected Dr. Bard to launch this theme because of his expanded knowledge in today's modern diagnostic technologies and non-invasive applications including the 4D Doppler ultrasound technology - much of which has been driven by European medical influence for the cancer treatment community.

Dr. Bard is an internationally recognized leading expert in the use of this process for the screening, scanning and pre/post procedural monitoring of Breast, Prostate & Skin Cancers.  He is also known for his public mission to replace surgical analysis of tumors with his coined "digital biopsies".  Dr. Bard gave the standing-room only audience at the LOTOS CLUB an astounding look at the eff…