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By: Dr. Thomas G. O'Brien, II
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When considering Medical Marijuana as a treatment option, one of the most difficult things to do is bypass the stigma associated with marijuana as an illegal substance. A popular concern is the fear of addiction and using a “psychedelic” drug.

Medical Marijuana:
  • is derived from a natural source and
  • acts on cannabinoid receptors that naturally exist in your cell membranes and which even naturally occur in breast milk!
CB1 (exists in the brain) and CB2 (found in your immune system and throughout the rest of your body) are your body’s cannabinoid receptors. So, it can be said that your body is “built for cannabinoids” which can play a healthy role in boosting your immune system; protecting your brain, nervous system and cells against disease; relieving pain and inflammation; and more.

As with any medication, personal responsibility is paramount. The same risks involved with the misuse of any medication apply, except that Medical Marijuana is carefully cultivated from a natural source. Medical Marijuana in New York State is strictly supervised and monitored in its production for the highest quality. It is your privilege to have the control of and the responsibility for the THC to CBD ratio that you determine is right for you. As always, responsible use of a controlled substance allows for us to keep our privileges and for many to benefit.

Your treatment will be a blend of the active ingredients of cannabis to yield the greatest benefits with the least amount of unwanted effects – preferably none. Because Medical Marijuana is derived from a natural, herbal source, like most herbs (and other medications), its properties can affect everyone differently. Some people may benefit from a higher THC concentration and others from a higher CBD ratio (see Understanding Dosage).


After a thorough examination, should the patient choose to pursue a treatment plan including cannabis products, Dr. O’Brien may issue a certificate (similar to a prescription) for the patient to take to one of the certified dispensaries in the NY area to pick up the proper ratio of THC - CBD cannabis oil.  The ratio between CBD and THC varies on the patient’s specific needs. He explains that unlike the consumer level CBD drops sold in stores (anywhere from 150-350mg = 2-3 milligrams per ML), full spectrum CBD recommended by him typically measures at around 5000 Milligrams (50mg/ML) and is more concentrated for best results. And with the inclusion of the clinically regulated therapeutic support of THC in legal proportions, “you’ve got the makings of a clinical-grade solution for patient disorders.”

Dr. Obrien’s success with medical cannabis is widening based on the realities of its legal limits.   In a closing statement, this industry is clearly in its infancy stage where physicians like Dr. Obrien would like to see some sort of standardization for CBD as far as quality and efficacy. “Quality assurance and a governing agency to oversee this industry should be established so that consumer know what their buying.”   

Dr. O'brien’s website indicates that to visit a New York State Certified Dispensary, you will be required to provide your (1) Medical Marijuana Qualifying Certificate from a New York State Medical Marijuana Certifying Physician; (2) Medical Marijuana ID issued by the State of New York; and (3) valid New York State ID. Some dispensaries may have additional requirements which should be listed on their websites. To find a New York State Certified Dispensary, click here.

Issuing a certificate is similar to a pharmaceutical prescription for the drug store – but with the distinct difference that dispensaries distribute only one non-FDA approved product.   A clinical dispensary carries a special license from the State of New York to grow, process, transport, and dispense medical marijuana. Only registered physicians are allowed to work with these dispensaries and must abide by the regulated THC/CBD extract percentages determined by each state. NY dispensaries include Vireo, Columbia Care, Curaleaf, Etain, Med Men and PharmaCannis.  



About Dr. O'Brien
Thomas G. O'Brien II, MS, DO, PC is a Board Certified Osteopathic Physician in Family and Integrative Medicine and was residency trained in St. Barnabas Hospital (Bronx, NY). He is one of the first physicians in NY State to be licensed to certify patients in Medical marijuana as well as the first in New York City to offer compassionate care. Jan 2019, he will begin his fourth year offering this service to our community.  He promotes the treatment of Cancer, Chronic Pain, Neuropathic Pain, Spinal Chord Injury, Epilepsy, Huntingtons Chorea, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Crohn's Dz, Ulcerativa Colitis (IBD), HIV / AIDS and Opioid Addiction.  He runs a non profit organization called Health Education Learning Program, Inc. (HELP) with his wife. Together, they help enrich the community with health education. He is also the host & producer and a four time Beta Award winning Health Education show sponsored by HELP.  He has recently published a text called "Medical Cannabis".  For complete information on Dr. (O'Brien, please visit: 


Evidence shows that for over 5000 years, Cannabis has been used as an anesthetic for chronic pain as well as a means of managing a wide list of disorders like rheumatism, malaria, tumors, jaundice and dysentery.  Today, extracts from medical marijuana (cannabinoids) are gaining significant attention as an herbal health treatment or supplement and is also growing in clinical use for managing a wide variety of disorders including cancers and musculoskeletal issues.

In July 2014, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature enacted the Compassionate Care Act to provide a comprehensive, safe and effective medical marijuana program that meets the needs of New Yorkers.  According to the NYS Dept. of Health, medical marijuana is available in New York for patients with the following severe debilitating or life threatening conditions: cancer, HIV infection or AIDS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with objective neurological indication of intractable spasticity, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, neuropathies, Huntington's disease, chronic pain, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and as a replacement to prescription opioids. (see complete details in ref #1)

Since inception of this law, continued upgrades have been implemented to expand the medical rights of use of registered physicians. According to the office of the NYS Commissioner of Health, patients with "any severe debilitating pain that a practitioner determines degrading health and functional capability… (and) has experienced intolerable side effects, or has experienced failure of one or more previously tried therapeutic options; may qualify for medical marijuana.”  As of early 2019, over 1300 professional practitioners have been certified by the NYSDOH to prescribe medical marijuana and its products.

After the Compassionate Care Act came into effect, Dr. Thomas O’Brien ( ) upgraded his family practice in NYC to include the use of medical marijuana (THC & CBD solutions) for his patients by being one of the first certified physicians in the State of New York allowed to prescribe regulated dosages of THC and CBD as needed. His use of this treatment solution includes patients with a wide range of disorders from chronic pain to cancer and tumors.

For over 25 years, Dr. O’Brien has been recognized as an integrative practitioner with an holistic approach in his family medicine.  He defined his way of examining patients by covering “all the bases” from the physical/biochemical, the emotional/psychological to the spiritual.  His approach to patient exams through all these diagnostic paradigms is what he simply calls “truly listening to the entire patient.”   Credentialed as a clinical nutritionist, getting certified to treat patients with cannabis products has become a logical next-step evolution and a positive addition to Dr. O’Brien’s tool box.  His research with medical cannabis showed extensive clinical success and was also impressed by its nature-based solution to help a widening list of disorders without harmful side effects.

Patients who suffer with chronic pain, neuropathy, or neuropathic pain are given the option by Dr. O’Brien to use one of three ratio mixtures as allowed by State regulations. He detailed one example with patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy carrying signs of tingling, burning sensations, pins and needles sensations, in their feet, which is very common.  “This is called microvascular pathology- that's where the very small arteries just don't work well… they're not providing good nutrition and oxygen to the nerves. And the nerves start to fail in function and you start to get these side effects like burning sensation, tingling sensation, the pins and needles, or even lack of sensation.” 

Dr. O’Brien identifies a significant benefit of this CBD/THC clinical mixture as one that is ‘customizable’ based on the severity of the patient’s case. The ratio between the two compounds defines a conservative or aggressive treatment protocol whereby an aggressive strategy starts them on a one-to-one ratio, where the THC and CBD are equal.

After a four week follow-up, Dr. O’Brien states that his patients were coming back expressing how much better they feel in comparison to taking narcotics.  “Narcotics use may change your brain chemistry without you realizing it… it changes who you are and how you react, as well as how you respond to stimuli- including the effects on your family members.”


About Dr. O'Brien
Thomas G. O'Brien II, MS, DO, PC is a Board Certified Osteopathic Physician in Family and Integrative Medicine and was residency trained in St. Barnabas Hospital (Bronx, NY). He is one of the first physicians in NY State to be licensed to certify patients in Medical marijuana as well as the first in New York City to offer compassionate care. Jan 2019, he will begin his fourth year offering this service to our community.  He promotes the treatment of Cancer, Chronic Pain, Neuropathic Pain, Spinal Chord Injury, Epilepsy, Huntingtons Chorea, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Crohn's Dz, Ulcerativa Colitis (IBD), HIV / AIDS and Opioid Addiction.  He runs a non profit organization called Health Education Learning Program, Inc. (HELP) with his wife. Together, they help enrich the community with health education. He is also the host & producer and a four time Beta Award winning Health Education show sponsored by HELP.  He has recently published a text called "Medical Cannabis".  For complete information on Dr. (O'Brien, please visit: 

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Awareness for a Cure Shares Airtime with Male Breast Cancer Coaltion @WBAB

Dr. Stoff Receives MBCC Advisory Board Recognition on Air
WBAB/WBLI (Cox Media Group) "Plugged Into Long Island" with Ted Lindner has been supporting all local non-profit groups since 2015, conducting exclusive live interviews with community leaders, fundraisers and cancer foundations. The popular island rock-station airs some of the most current shows that spotlight our many helpful crusaders and their projects including 'Bikers Against Child Abuse', St. Vincent de Paul', Memorial Sloan Kettering,  Hewlett House and the Suffolk County Marathon to name but a few.

November 19, 2018, WBAB/WBLI invited a NY community health crusader, Dr. Jesse Stoff - clinical cancer immunologist and co-founder of an advocacy organization called Awareness for a Cure (AFAC).  This year, Dr. Stoff introduces Marc Futterweit, regional ambassador of the Male Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) and two-time breast cancer survivor.  Together, they shared the mic and publicized vital information about this special type of cancer that seems to continue to grow in numbers worldwide.

As many interviews as he has conducted on-air about health concerns and cancer rates, host Ted Lindner was himself surprised at the growing stats in this 'silent' epidemic. "It's amazing... male breast cancer doesn't get the play that female breast cancer does."  He started the show by exploring the genesis of AFAC and Dr. Stoff's vision to join and promote ALL cancer orgs.

"More than a clinician, there's always been a major side of me that's been about education and awareness," starts Dr. Stoff. "To truly fight cancer, we have to attack this from all fronts- including sharing and providing the most current information, statistics, treatment strategies and who's who in the battlefield".  His 20+ years of experience as a medical professional in treating cancer patients helped empower his extensive list of publications, articles and educational videos that are publicly available to the cancer community and fundraising organizations.

As the show airs shortly after breast cancer awareness month, the MBCC continues the pursuit of a ground-level assault on male breast cancer through awareness to get all men tested.  Futterweit provides current numbers as part of his a public health alert .  "In the United States, the estimates are that one in 844 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime according to the American Cancer Society... and approximately 2,550 new cases are expected to come out this year.  The estimated cases per year in the UK is 390. In Australia, it's 148. The mortality rate for men is higher than that of women due to the lack of awareness and/or, ironically, a misdiagnosis.  There's been recorded 480 deaths so far, which is almost 20%, which is ridiculous because of the fact that men are not aware of what's going on."

Click Video link
Marc Futterweit is the regional ambassador of the Northeast branch of the MBCC and a long-time inspirational champion for the growing list of male cancer cases. He introduced himself as a two-time survivor of male breast cancer and shared his entire diagnostic and treatment process. Futterweit's spirit to charge through New York's first snowstorm of the year to make the early morning studio interview in West Babylon all the way from Dover NJ is all part of Marc's due diligence for his personal mission. "I never shy away from any opportunity to get the word out about male breast cancer -- this is the type of cancer that desperately needs a real voice in public awareness because so many men out there have no clue how REAL this disease really is!"

A joint task force built between the medical board members of AFAC and the directors of MBCC around the 9/11 Remembrance Day when news reports released about 15 male firefighters that came down with breast cancer as result of the WTC exposure. "We connected with MBCC co-founder Cheri Ambrose originally because Awareness for a Cure has a sister program for 9/11-related cancer cases called and when the breast cancer report came out, we gladly did more to help Marc's mission because we had a common goal of getting information out about the impending health risks," says Dr. Stoff.

On October 19, 2018, the first male-dedicated breast cancer diagnostic program was established in NYC with the aid of Dr. Stoff, AFAC directors and clinical partner Dr. Robert Bard of (NYCRA) NY Cancer Resource Alliance. See complete article on the Male Breast Cancer Joint Task Force.  Also see the NYC diagnostics program:

Plugged Into Long Island featured these two organizations as part of WBAB/WBLI's public contribution to charitable organizations providing good will and public advocacy.  This feature interview continues its public access on their websites: and

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition is a global non-profit foundation whose mission is to unite men with breast cancer together from around the world to spread awareness and educate everyone about breast cancer in men. For more info, visit: Awareness for a Cure is a joint alliance group between various non-profit cancer-related orgs such as, Stoff Institute for Medical Research (SIMR) and the digital association (NYCRA) NY Cancer Resource Alliance.

Monday, November 12, 2018



November 10, 2018 marked the first Male Breast Cancer Coalition Screening Awareness Conference held in NYC. The Northeast Division led by Cheri Ambrose (co-founder) and her assembly of Male Breast Cancer survivors joined with NYCRA (NY Cancer Resource Alliance) to produce the first Educational Forum and Medical Presentation while celebrating their newly recruited medical experts in the MBCC Clinical Advisory Board.  This event also honored all MBCC Senior Ambassadors, survivors and an emotion-filled roll call of those who recently died from Male Breast Cancer.
The event kicked off with Ms. Ambrose presenting the history of the MBCC and words of loving appreciation for Director Peggy Miller and co-founder Bret Miller who made a surprise candid appearance via Skype from Kansas.  It was his male breast cancer diagnosis in 2010 that started it all for the (now) international foundation.

(l-r) Dr. Chagares, Dr. Bard & Cheri Ambrose
Dr. Robert Bard aided in establishing the Joint Task Force with MBCC to offer the first male-dedicated diagnostic program in NYC.  On October 14, 2018- the Task Force was launched during “Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week” as per the decreed proclamation by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (presented to MBCC).  Dr. Bard’s presentation featured “Image Guided Cancer Treatment of Male Breast Cancer” which included current biopsy statistics, antioxidant treatment options, a technical review and comparison between his Advanced Ultrasound technology vs. Standard Mammography + highlights about Recurrence Prevention.

Lennard Gettz, founder/president of NYCRA nominated the three medical speakers from his own cancer resource group into the clinical advisory board of MBCC based on a common thread of having pioneered a significant role in cancer research, care and treatment history. The first being Dr. Bard (Bard Cancer Diagnostics, NYC) for his advanced use of the 4D Doppler Ultrasonic technology.  His showcase aligned seamlessly with the second medical speaker, Dr. Stephen Chagares, breast surgeon (Tinton Falls, NJ) who was recently published as the first in the U.S. to conduct a unique form of nipple-preserving robotic mastectomy for both men and women. He captured the audience with the remarkable advantages over conventional surgery including no scars on the breasts, a remarkable recovery in range of motion and according to published 5 year data, ZERO cancer recurrence and equal oncologic outcomes. Dr. Chagares was also the first worldwide to successfully perform this procedure on a male patient.

According to Dr. Chagares, “the mission to bring awareness about the impact of male breast cancer… and the joint task force of building this first male-dedicated diagnostics program is the first step toward a new standard screening within our entire healthcare community. Hopefully, these protocols using this ultrasound technology can be incorporated with other safety programs to create the best medical care possible for everyone.”

The third MBCC medical advisory board member honored in this event was Dr. Jesse Stoff (Westbury NY) whose life’s work encompassed the study and integration of a wide range of medical disciplines to battle chronic diseases by the strengthening of the immune system. His dedicated work in the science of immunology and advanced clinical research in cancer care earned him a major leadership role in the world of Integrative Onco-Immunology both in the U.S. and abroad. From eastern and western, ancient and modern, alternative and conventional,  Dr. Stoff's advocacy and medical programs aptly titled “Staying in Remission” has been presented in countless seminars in the medical community and has been recognized by some of the most credentialed cancer experts, institutions and medical publications.

The spirit of the Coalition's survivors and ambassadors is driven to get the word out about this unique yet growing health concern.  “Over time, the MBCC, as with every organization, finds their voice in the public advocacy area,” states Ms. Ambrose.  “Fighting cancer is never possible without doctors- and our clinical voice for education and for awareness is widely thanks to our close ties with some of the top medical experts who battle cancer from the front lines.”

Courtesy of
This relationship between foundation and medical professionals in joint pursuit of public education is a model that the MBCC aims to pursue nationwide. “Awareness is the answer to saving lives- especially with breast cancer… our service to the community is to wake people up to get a checkup- and to know that this type of cancer is very real and it does not discriminate!” states Peggy Miller.

NYCRA's commitment to bring the cancer community together brings a powerful message of compassion and empathy among caregivers and clinical leaders.  The final NYCRA health speaker was Jodi Taub (licensed clinical social worker/therapist & patient advocate) who states,  "I became a chronic illness expert because I've lived this personally. I am here to help both you and your family members learn how to cope with your illness because it's not just the diagnosis --  It's what you learn to live with for the rest of your life, and learn how to thrive for a better life."

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition continues to promote its public awareness and educational programs nationwide.  This 2018 summit helped to add new names to their partnership program with  cancer-related orgs and medical experts to draw in more support and resources for all Male Breast Cancer cases.

For additional info: contact NYCRA media dir. Carmen Regallo-Dewitt at 631-920-5757 (or MBCC media at: 913-326-2196

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9) Awareness for a Cure:


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by: Carmen Regallo-Dewitt, Ed.D. / Foreword by: Dr. Jesse Stoff

Breast Cancer is a potentially serious disease, but for breast cancer to occur, a lot of things have to be wrong with the body to begin with. When we look at a person's genetics, there could be some genetic factors that predispose us to certain kinds of cancers because of various alterations in our genes. But nowadays, most cancers are induced from toxins in our environment. We live in a very toxic time and the toxins in our air, in our food, in our water are carcinogenic. Meanwhile, we also live in an era of innovation where technology and education both play a powerful role in the battle for wellness and overcoming chronic illness and disorders.  Solutions are brought to us based on the high demand for lower risk treatments and a stronger layer of reassurance for patient longevity and survivorship.     - Dr. Jesse A. Stoff, Integrative Cancer Immunology (

This past year alone, the wave of technical advancements is nothing short of a movement that solidly defines the future of medicine itself. Life extension protocols such as non-invasive surgeries, integrative onco-immunology, cellular regenerative therapies and the use of modern materials such as advanced ultrasonic and laser technologies are all leading us to a 'TREKIAN' reality (for those that have an appreciation for sci-fi marvels come to life).

Meet Dr. Stephen Chagares (Tinton Falls, NJ), a visionary in laparoscopic and robotic breast surgery who recently brought the discipline of Dr. Antonio Toesca at The European Institute of Oncology in Milan Italy to our shores. According to clinical trials published by Dr. Toesca, “...robotic nipple sparing mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction authors found two main advantages such as the robotic optical vision and the minimal invasiveness.”

On Sept. 14, 2018, he successfully achieved being the first in the United States to perform robotic nipple sparing mastectomy on a female cancer patient to be followed by immediate reconstruction.  Yvonne Zucco was an ideal candidate and the first recipient for a skin, nipple and areola-sparing mastectomy with immediate multi-stage reconstruction.  This presented major advantages over conventional procedures including a significant reduction in procedural time (from 7 to 3 hours), a remarkable recovery in range of motion and according to published 5 year data, ZERO cancer recurrence and equal oncologic outcomes.  

Dr. Chagares is proud to lead the first program of its kind in the U.S.--paving the way for a future of breast cancer care, starting with robotic mastectomy. He offers this revolutionary procedure at various hospitals throughout Monmouth County, New Jersey. "Robotic mastectomy, with immediate reconstruction, opens the door to a new era of mastectomy and a new outlook for patients who are candidates, offering a modern approach to an operation that has been so physically, emotionally and psychologically scarring is remarkable," says Dr. Chagares.

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition and MBCC medical advisory board member Dr. Robert Bard of Bard Cancer Diagnostics (NYC) recognized Dr. Chagaresachievements as well as the benefits of the procedural innovation that he brings to the cancer treatment community.  Recent news features Dr. Chagares is also the first to successfully perform this procedure on a male patient worldwide.  On October 12, 2018, Brian Thompson, 34 (L-image insert), recently underwent bilateral mastectomy with robotic assistance for growing and painful tumors from a disorder called Pseudoangiomatous Stromal Hyperplasia (PASH). Dr. Chagares removed all of the male patient's breast tissue from both breasts through single incisions under the armpits, eliminating incisions and scarring on the breasts.

Twelve hours after surgery, the patient carried full range of shoulder motion and was discharged from the hospital with drains with a completely positive report in his first postoperative week. Brian is said to be pain-free for the first time in four years. He fortunately had non-malignant tumors on pathology. Brian’s story is very important in that men have to understand that all breast lumps are not “just” gynecomastia. There are many types of breast masses in men just like women, and some are cancerous. Men’s breast masses need complete evaluation and can not be overlooked. There should be no stigma for men to discuss and work-up their breast masses, it can be life-saving.

As an advanced cancer imaging specialist and the founder of a major breast cancer diagnostics program in NYC, Dr. Bard often partners with top practitioners and “out of the box” professionals who, like him, subscribe to innovations that bring new benefits and advanced results to help patients and the overall treatment process.  “...I completely support the implementation of Dr. Chagares’ talents and this advanced method in our medical community where more patients would truly benefit from this – it addresses everything I would look for, from accuracy, safety and better recovery time. I also acknowledge his research and determination seeking this protocol from beyond local means- where in many cases, other countries tend to bring more to the table!  I have similarly brought back new non-invasive imaging technologies from Europe and Japan and made them available to our local medical community, so I appreciate the scientific dedication he has exhibited.”

“For treatment of cancer or pre-cancerous tissue or risk reduction for patients who have a high risk of developing breast cancer such as BRCA1 or 2 mutation patients… this procedure is still a mastectomy but it uses the robot to assist (me) the surgeon to make an incision not on the breast itself but on the side.” States Dr. Chagares. “When the patient wakes up, their cancer is gone or their risk is minimized, there are no scars on the breast, the nipples and areolae are intact, the implants are in and they dont need any other operation. From the patients perspective, both psycho-socially and physically, its an amazing procedure and I cant wait to be able to offer it to more breast cancer patients.”

The future of medical treatments and surgical procedures continues to advance at a remarkable rate with significant evidence of improved success and survival rate, the reduction of risk and post-op issues as well as better recovery time.  Factors as these help drive engineers, surgeons and investors alike to a united front to bring a new era in the healing arts.  

For more info on Dr. Stephen Chagares, visit:

Other relevant articles:


Sponsors & Endorsements:

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How to Choose the RIGHT DOCTOR: (Patient Advocacy Series)

Edited by: Carmen Regallo-Dewitt ( editor)

Today, we exercise our freedom of choice to seek complete confidence in our decisions. Seeking what's right for you is just that! I support all patients to be well-informed with research and asking a lot of questions that pertain to their health and issues.  Do not be swayed by pressure just because this doctor takes your insurance or the popularity of that procedure. The almighty Google is still on your side to answer any question about anything and anyone, where making an intelligent choice must be strategic and thought through.

From the moment your physician calls you about a debilitating illness,  that inner voice may express curiosity about what other treatment options another doctor would prescribe?  You may want to get another perspective on your current diagnosis or get another set of professional eyes to review your reports.  All these concerns are quite natural and common - especially when it comes to pursuing such a major commitment as cancer care.  We all want to gather all the information we can from trusted sources to build an intelligent direction that gives us complete confidence and peace of mind.  

To seek a SECOND OPINION is a patient's right as a cautious and educated consumer. This measure is also a smart financial coverage encouraged by insurance companies geared to prevent much higher claims from costly or 'wrongful' procedures.  Whether you're searching for a primary care physician or a specialist, shopping for any doctor can be quite a challenge. Ingredients for finding a professional that you can trust with your life rely heaviest on their reputation, expertise and qualifications found under smart research methods.  

REFERRALS: Though medical professionals are now participating in the commercial world of marketing (such as broadcast and podcast commercials, youtube videos, social media promotion and public relations campaigns), the largest and most popular method of deciding on a doctor is still word of mouth. At least starting with a recommendation from a friend, colleague or family member, getting positive feedback about a practitioner through others' experience is a great place to begin.

RESEARCH: Once you have a name (or several names to choose from), the next answer is conducting online searches. With more than a decade of evolution, the internet provides a wide expanse of research options of about any professional. From patient reviews, local directories, educational contributions, social media connections and background checks, the web helps with so many ways to check out any professional for any success as well as not-so-good-news about them.

Meanwhile, as you proceed with your online research, employ 'smart searching' by knowing where to look and what to look for. Do not make quick judgments about an individual based on a sexy looking website. There are many doctors out there that have little marketing sense that pay more attention (as they should) in working with their patients than working with a fancy graphic design firm. On the other hand, doctors' websites may come with video testimonials, news coverage, educational backgrounds and a list of their partners- all information that help describe the strength of their capabilities. All doctors carry a varied set of strong points academically and professionally and it's up to you to find the clues you need to make that choice.

Narrowing down your candidates also means being organized. Have a folder and notes on significant information gathered online and/or from others. Save links that show vital information from reputable websites that you can return to for comparative reviewing. In the end, sizing up a doctor is all about the collected facts about them that you choose to dictate your decision.

E-REVIEWS: Affirming our freedom of speech is the internet's best function. Reviews, ratings and consumer reviews are aplenty - allowing you an inside look at a doctor's performance but discern with caution when finding either a "sugary" five-star comment or a demoralizing bad opinion in YELP (or the various popular review websites). Over time, you'll find many nay-sayers freely and maliciously bashing a professional for something completely unrealistic like "They had me sitting in the waiting room for 25 minutes without anything to read - so unprofessional!" In other words, discern the SOURCE of the review and conduct a fair amount of research instead of taking the first available opinion.

MEET AND GREET: Doctors come with their own personalities that may or may not match yours. During the first consultation, you may get the best clues as to whether or not this particular doctor is for you. Just as with any other relationship-based professional, follow your instincts during the inquiry of your ailments. You can usually tell if they're rushing to get 'done with you' or if they truly care about exploring your issues through genuine concern for problem-solving. Select a doctor who shows true interest in recommending current techniques, applications and solutions and one who is open to remedies outside of the pharmaceutical box. Know that the healthcare field is a complex field of information that is constantly growing and requires continued education to provide the most current care.

YOUR COMFORT LEVEL: Intuition is your inner voice telling you what's right for you. Your comfort level can be driven by a host of logical and illogical factors varying from the doctor's gender, their location, the design style of their office, their bedside manner or something as silly as their hairstyle. We may not always be able to identify what it is about a doctor that you are either drawn to or may have some apprehension about but at the end of the day, it's how you feel about that practitioner.

The ultimate answer to matching with the "right" doctor is truly based on a per-patient case. Where recommendations may fail, follow your gut, research as much as you can and remember, if you're in doubt or have concerns, NEVER SETTLE! There's always a second, third or fourth opinion and a wide list of other docs to choose from.



Jesse A. Stoff is a highly-credentialed medical expert studying all medical remedies in pursuit of resolving the most challenging health issues of our time. In many circles, he is recognized for his 35+ years of dedicated work in immunology and advanced clinical research in modern CANCER treatments. He has spoken worldwide in some of the most sought-after medical conferences about his experiences and analyses on the study of human disease. His integrative practice (INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE OF NY, Westbury, NY) has been continually providing all patients with the many comprehensive clinical options and modalities available- including "ONCO-IMMUNOLOGY", the science of battling cancer cells and reversing pre-cancerous conditions through a complete prevention program that has earned him great success in this field.  For more information, visit:

Robert l. Bard, MD, PC, DABR, FASLMS is internationally known and recognized as a leader in the field of 21st century 3-d ultrasonographic volumetric doppler imaging. Dr. Bard specializes in advanced 3-D sonography to detect cancers in numerous organs including the breast, prostate, skin, thyroid, melanoma and other areas. Dr. Bard’s images are used to accurately guide biopsies, target therapy and provide focused follow-up after treatment.   Dr. Bard is currently in consulting practice in New York ( He appears frequently on regional television, national radio and is a consultant to major healthcare organizations. He is committed to improving non-invasive cancer testing and developing minimally invasive image guided technologies to prevent cancer spread through his foundation, The Biofoundation for Angiogenesis Research and Development.  For more info, visit

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Cancer Experts & Survivors Join to Form Screening Program For 9/11 First Responders

Next-Generation Cancer Imaging expert Dr. Robert Bard plus a list of cancer resource colleagues from NYCRA (NY Cancer Resource Alliance) helped establish a new joint effort to bring public awareness and alternative treatment options to the many first responders and survivors of the WTC disaster.  Aptly called "9/11CANCERSCAN" (, Dr. Bard's collaborative project is part of a public outreach crusade to support the patient philosophy of "the second opinion", prompting the many exposed potential victims to pursue continued monitoring & screening in response to the growing list of cancer cases that are just now beginning to appear- as reported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other government health orgs.  

9/11 CancerScan's alliance of caregivers include survivors-turned crusaders, publishers, cancer researchers, environmental advocates, medical specialists and legal experts. Together, they share and promote awareness and offer information about new solutions that the average survivor may not be privy to.  To name a few, advancements in health and treatment options are now available such as:
The 9/11 CancerScan project is designed to help all toxin-exposed individuals by promoting a proactive mindset about staying healthy and having regular screenings regardless of prior checkups. "Having read the CDC reports about the many surprise cancer cases and illnesses stemming from 9/11, I needed to arm myself with as much information on what to do, where to go and what's available. They say the attacks were a life changer for us all... being diagnosed over 15 years after that day tells us that we are still being attacked, this time from inside our bodies!", states outreach volunteer & co-publisher Lisa Vento-Nielsen of Staten Island.

Dr. Bard established his Cancer radiology practice in NYC (1974) and has since published countless texts about cancer diagnostics and contributed to the advancement of imaging techniques worldwide. By 2013, news broke of unique and aggressive cases of CANCER arising in droves.  The same individuals exposed to the toxic fumes and plumes of hazardous particles of the danger zone contracted aggressive cases of CANCER and were in immediate demand for medical care and support.  Dr. Bard's practice (who already had his share of patients in the first responder community) faced the next wave of health concerns and possible symptoms from exposure to the WTC toxic dust.

Dr. Bard's personal connection with the late James Zadroga in 1992  (the Zadroga Compensation Act was established (2011) helped inspire the mission to conduct new research and publish new awareness about the "new cancer cases" that are expected by many to arise.  "By virtue of the fact that government legislation is in place to ensure that those exposed to the 9/11 disaster continue to receive monitoring and treatment services for health problems at least until 2090 is telling of the current situation and pending cases", says Bard.

With the seemingly never ending health cases, more and more alliances continue to form in support of the many 9/11 victims-- including expert 9/11 legal resource such as Mr. Michael Barasch of Barasch & McGarry, who continues to help the many survivors to properly receive the benefits of the WTC Health Program and the Victims Compensation Fund by first getting certified.  "Respiratory illnesses were the most common illnesses but NOW it is cancer," states Mr. Barasch. "Miraculously, nobody died during the rescue and recovery operation, although they're certainly dying now... the WTC Health Program Reported that over 10,000 people in the 9/11 community have been diagnosed and certified with WTC cancers and more than 2,000 people have had their deaths linked to the 68 cancers." (see M. Barasch's complete interview )

In pursuit of the outreach spirit of NYCRA's parent org Awareness for a Cure (, a non-profit supporter of all local cancer foundations,  the 911CancerScan allies continue to work together in support the fight against cancer.

BARD CANCER DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING (NYC) has isolated and scanned countless cases of cancers using the most advanced diagnostic imaging technologies worldwide.  His technology provides early detection and real-time "digital biopsies" of many tumor types using 4D Doppler innovations bringing accuracy and expedience to the most comprehensive report- within MINUTES.  For patients, this advantage that cuts down & eliminates the wait time, travel (to multiple diagnostic centers) and reduces the insurmountable level of stress and intolerable problems of today’s increasing medical bureaucracy.  This innovation is identified by medical associations to outperform the advantages of MRI, X-ray and CT scans by as much as 20-to-1.  Dr. Bard's services were recently utilized during the terror attack in Nice, France where-x-ray and CT services were overwhelmed.


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Introducing IvyGene: "Patient-Friendly" Advancement in Early Cancer Detection

 "...the term 'cancer' is not a singular enemy; its a single term to represent hundreds of different cancer types-- all unique to their location in the body and their origin, and that makes screening/treating them a very specialized and a highly customized procedure."  Howard Prince, research specialist & patient advocate

Early detection and prevention pursuits have driven our medical community to invest heavily on the advancement of cancer screenings for every individual type of cancer.  So exists specialized scanning processes and tools such as colonoscopy, tomography, mammograms, mri's, PSA tests, PET Scans, skin exams- just to name a few.

Recently, a new form of blood test by LAM (Laboratory for Advanced Medicine) can confirm the presence of cancer as early as stage 1. It provides measurable data in the form of a score to make it easier to understand- while confirming the presence of cancer early, when it can be more easily managed and treated.   The score can be used as a baseline to measure treatment effectiveness.

Among the growing list of cancer treatment professionals and practices who subscribe to IvyGene’ s innovative screening capacity is clinical immunologist Dr. Jesse Stoff of Integrative Medicine of NY in Westbury.  As an integrative practitioner, Dr. Stoff is committed to staying on top of the latest in cancer treatment solutions available.  "IvyGene is similar to a liquid biopsy in terms of the technology. It is based on next-gen technology & next-gen sequencing," says Dr. Stoff. "(For my purposes), I use this test for people who don't have signs of cancer because it takes on average 10 years for cancer to go from a few cancer cells into a destructive tumor. And during that 10 year period of time these abnormal cells are firing off pieces of genetic material into the blood stream as these cells die. And die they do because cancer cells are genetically unstable. That's part of the definition of cancer. The problem is they multiply faster than they die. So, that's how you get in trouble. As the cells die, they release material into the bloodstream that the IvyGene test is designed to pick up and act as an early warning where something is starting to grow someplace you need to pay attention to."

According to an interview with LAM representative Caleb Allen, "...our mission is to make cancer testing available and affordable for everyone. We work closely with thousands of physicians nationwide to provide early cancer confirmation and save lives sooner. Unlike many genetic tests that use DNA to determine the propensity or possibility of developing cancer over time, the IvyGene test confirms actual disease presence at the time of testing."

Physicians who accepted the use of IvyGene to confirm cancer presence typically suggests it's use if the patient:

  • has genetic propensity for development of cancer
  • has suspicious imaging (PET, Mammo, CT) and needs confirmation
  • has had cancer in the past, IvyGene monitors for remission
  • is undergoing cancer treatment now
  • is experiencing under-diagnosed health issues

SCIENCE: Using highly advanced technology, the team identified specific gene targets in human DNA that correlate with cancer presence. Then, the IvyGene technology measures certain ratios at those specific gene targets. This results in a simple score that is either (a) elevated and consistent with the presence of cancer or (b) “normal” and not consistent with cancer presence.  

 See video insert from Overview of theIvyGene Science

A recent trend in testing kits commercially distributed to physicians and/or direct to the consumer, are changing the way patients are receiving treatment and billed.  Packaging lab testing services from anywhere in the country through a portable (mailable) transport kit is a most cost effective and efficient way to expand public access to and from any specialized lab service(s).  This kit-concept allows access of a specialized lab from anywhere in the country to partner with any clinic or practice.  This streamlines the retrieval and delivery of acquired blood samples to the designated lab and greatly eliminating a number of steps and "overhead" expenses.  Instead of building a high-priced lab in each city, county or state, there is now just once central lab for the entire country.

A firefighter's emergency rescue work often brings exposure to a wide range of hazardous (and potentially carcinogenic) substances. A recent study from the IAFF shows a significant percentage of firefighters will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime. Others studies indicate that firefighters are up to 2X at risk for developing certain cancers. It is for this reason that and its clinical partners including Integrative Medicine of NY  helped to publicly introduce genetic testing protocols and such scanning/diagnostic innovations as the IvyGene solution to the community.  Originally founded for 9/11 survivors and victims, the 911CancerScan program brings informational and resource access to any and all first responders to address this health risk.  See the Firefighter Cancer Support Network website for more information. Also see the recent report from WFAA, Dallas, regarding cancer and prevention policies for Firefighters:


Jesse A. Stoff is a highly-credentialed medical expert studying all medical remedies in pursuit of resolving the most challenging health issues of our time. In many circles, he is recognized for his 35+ years of dedicated work in immunology and advanced clinical research in modern CANCER treatments. He has spoken worldwide in some of the most sought-after medical conferences about his experiences and analyses on the study of human disease. His integrative practice (INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE OF NY, Westbury, NY) has been continually providing all patients with the many comprehensive clinical options and modalities available- including "ONCO-IMMUNOLOGY", the science of battling cancer cells and reversing pre-cancerous conditions through a complete prevention program that has earned him great success in this field.  For more information, visit:

This feature article is a non-commercial news presentation intended to provide topical news coverage and public reports with individuals pertaining to cancer diagnostic solutions.  It's sole purpose is to present the intention of any/all products mentioned for public awareness and is not meant as a marketing endorsement in any way.  Awareness for a Cure, the NY Cancer Resource Alliance, its' editors, producers, writers and sponsors (otherwise known as "publishers") take no liability for any results or statements published from/about the subject and does not provide any legal, technical, scientific or consultation advice through this article.  

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