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Awareness for a Cure Shares Airtime with Male Breast Cancer Coaltion @WBAB

Dr. Stoff Receives MBCC Advisory Board Recognition on Air
WBAB/WBLI (Cox Media Group) "Plugged Into Long Island" with Ted Lindner has been supporting all local non-profit groups since 2015, conducting exclusive live interviews with community leaders, fundraisers and cancer foundations. The popular island rock-station airs some of the most current shows that spotlight our many helpful crusaders and their projects including 'Bikers Against Child Abuse', St. Vincent de Paul', Memorial Sloan Kettering,  Hewlett House and the Suffolk County Marathon to name but a few.

November 19, 2018, WBAB/WBLI invited a NY community health crusader, Dr. Jesse Stoff - clinical cancer immunologist and co-founder of an advocacy organization called Awareness for a Cure (AFAC).  This year, Dr. Stoff introduces Marc Futterweit, regional ambassador of the Male Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) and two-time breast cancer survivor.  Together, they shared the mic and publicized vital information about this special type of cancer that seems to continue to grow in numbers worldwide.

As many interviews as he has conducted on-air about health concerns and cancer rates, host Ted Lindner was himself surprised at the growing stats in this 'silent' epidemic. "It's amazing... male breast cancer doesn't get the play that female breast cancer does."  He started the show by exploring the genesis of AFAC and Dr. Stoff's vision to join and promote ALL cancer orgs.

"More than a clinician, there's always been a major side of me that's been about education and awareness," starts Dr. Stoff. "To truly fight cancer, we have to attack this from all fronts- including sharing and providing the most current information, statistics, treatment strategies and who's who in the battlefield".  His 20+ years of experience as a medical professional in treating cancer patients helped empower his extensive list of publications, articles and educational videos that are publicly available to the cancer community and fundraising organizations.

As the show airs shortly after breast cancer awareness month, the MBCC continues the pursuit of a ground-level assault on male breast cancer through awareness to get all men tested.  Futterweit provides current numbers as part of his a public health alert .  "In the United States, the estimates are that one in 844 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime according to the American Cancer Society... and approximately 2,550 new cases are expected to come out this year.  The estimated cases per year in the UK is 390. In Australia, it's 148. The mortality rate for men is higher than that of women due to the lack of awareness and/or, ironically, a misdiagnosis.  There's been recorded 480 deaths so far, which is almost 20%, which is ridiculous because of the fact that men are not aware of what's going on."

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Marc Futterweit is the regional ambassador of the Northeast branch of the MBCC and a long-time inspirational champion for the growing list of male cancer cases. He introduced himself as a two-time survivor of male breast cancer and shared his entire diagnostic and treatment process. Futterweit's spirit to charge through New York's first snowstorm of the year to make the early morning studio interview in West Babylon all the way from Dover NJ is all part of Marc's due diligence for his personal mission. "I never shy away from any opportunity to get the word out about male breast cancer -- this is the type of cancer that desperately needs a real voice in public awareness because so many men out there have no clue how REAL this disease really is!"

A joint task force built between the medical board members of AFAC and the directors of MBCC around the 9/11 Remembrance Day when news reports released about 15 male firefighters that came down with breast cancer as result of the WTC exposure. "We connected with MBCC co-founder Cheri Ambrose originally because Awareness for a Cure has a sister program for 9/11-related cancer cases called and when the breast cancer report came out, we gladly did more to help Marc's mission because we had a common goal of getting information out about the impending health risks," says Dr. Stoff.

On October 19, 2018, the first male-dedicated breast cancer diagnostic program was established in NYC with the aid of Dr. Stoff, AFAC directors and clinical partner Dr. Robert Bard of (NYCRA) NY Cancer Resource Alliance. See complete article on the Male Breast Cancer Joint Task Force.  Also see the NYC diagnostics program:

Plugged Into Long Island featured these two organizations as part of WBAB/WBLI's public contribution to charitable organizations providing good will and public advocacy.  This feature interview continues its public access on their websites: and

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition is a global non-profit foundation whose mission is to unite men with breast cancer together from around the world to spread awareness and educate everyone about breast cancer in men. For more info, visit: Awareness for a Cure is a joint alliance group between various non-profit cancer-related orgs such as, Stoff Institute for Medical Research (SIMR) and the digital association (NYCRA) NY Cancer Resource Alliance.

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November 10, 2018 marked the first Male Breast Cancer Coalition Screening Awareness Conference held in NYC. The Northeast Division led by Cheri Ambrose (co-founder) and her assembly of Male Breast Cancer survivors joined with NYCRA (NY Cancer Resource Alliance) to produce the first Educational Forum and Medical Presentation while celebrating their newly recruited medical experts in the MBCC Clinical Advisory Board.  This event also honored all MBCC Senior Ambassadors, survivors and an emotion-filled roll call of those who recently died from Male Breast Cancer.
The event kicked off with Ms. Ambrose presenting the history of the MBCC and words of loving appreciation for Director Peggy Miller and co-founder Bret Miller who made a surprise candid appearance via Skype from Kansas.  It was his male breast cancer diagnosis in 2010 that started it all for the (now) international foundation.

(l-r) Dr. Chagares, Dr. Bard & Cheri Ambrose
Dr. Robert Bard aided in establishing the Joint Task Force with MBCC to offer the first male-dedicated diagnostic program in NYC.  On October 14, 2018- the Task Force was launched during “Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week” as per the decreed proclamation by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (presented to MBCC).  Dr. Bard’s presentation featured “Image Guided Cancer Treatment of Male Breast Cancer” which included current biopsy statistics, antioxidant treatment options, a technical review and comparison between his Advanced Ultrasound technology vs. Standard Mammography + highlights about Recurrence Prevention.

Lennard Gettz, founder/president of NYCRA nominated the three medical speakers from his own cancer resource group into the clinical advisory board of MBCC based on a common thread of having pioneered a significant role in cancer research, care and treatment history. The first being Dr. Bard (Bard Cancer Diagnostics, NYC) for his advanced use of the 4D Doppler Ultrasonic technology.  His showcase aligned seamlessly with the second medical speaker, Dr. Stephen Chagares, breast surgeon (Tinton Falls, NJ) who was recently published as the first in the U.S. to conduct a unique form of nipple-preserving robotic mastectomy for both men and women. He captured the audience with the remarkable advantages over conventional surgery including no scars on the breasts, a remarkable recovery in range of motion and according to published 5 year data, ZERO cancer recurrence and equal oncologic outcomes. Dr. Chagares was also the first worldwide to successfully perform this procedure on a male patient.

According to Dr. Chagares, “the mission to bring awareness about the impact of male breast cancer… and the joint task force of building this first male-dedicated diagnostics program is the first step toward a new standard screening within our entire healthcare community. Hopefully, these protocols using this ultrasound technology can be incorporated with other safety programs to create the best medical care possible for everyone.”

The third MBCC medical advisory board member honored in this event was Dr. Jesse Stoff (Westbury NY) whose life’s work encompassed the study and integration of a wide range of medical disciplines to battle chronic diseases by the strengthening of the immune system. His dedicated work in the science of immunology and advanced clinical research in cancer care earned him a major leadership role in the world of Integrative Onco-Immunology both in the U.S. and abroad. From eastern and western, ancient and modern, alternative and conventional,  Dr. Stoff's advocacy and medical programs aptly titled “Staying in Remission” has been presented in countless seminars in the medical community and has been recognized by some of the most credentialed cancer experts, institutions and medical publications.

The spirit of the Coalition's survivors and ambassadors is driven to get the word out about this unique yet growing health concern.  “Over time, the MBCC, as with every organization, finds their voice in the public advocacy area,” states Ms. Ambrose.  “Fighting cancer is never possible without doctors- and our clinical voice for education and for awareness is widely thanks to our close ties with some of the top medical experts who battle cancer from the front lines.”

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This relationship between foundation and medical professionals in joint pursuit of public education is a model that the MBCC aims to pursue nationwide. “Awareness is the answer to saving lives- especially with breast cancer… our service to the community is to wake people up to get a checkup- and to know that this type of cancer is very real and it does not discriminate!” states Peggy Miller.

NYCRA's commitment to bring the cancer community together brings a powerful message of compassion and empathy among caregivers and clinical leaders.  The final NYCRA health speaker was Jodi Taub (licensed clinical social worker/therapist & patient advocate) who states,  "I became a chronic illness expert because I've lived this personally. I am here to help both you and your family members learn how to cope with your illness because it's not just the diagnosis --  It's what you learn to live with for the rest of your life, and learn how to thrive for a better life."

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition continues to promote its public awareness and educational programs nationwide.  This 2018 summit helped to add new names to their partnership program with  cancer-related orgs and medical experts to draw in more support and resources for all Male Breast Cancer cases.

For additional info: contact NYCRA media dir. Carmen Regallo-Dewitt at 631-920-5757 (or MBCC media at: 913-326-2196

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