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COVID-19 PROPHYLAXIS (feat. Dr. Mobeen Syed) + Review on Quantifiable Data

 In a recent interview with Dr. Mobeen Syed, Prevention101 discussed preventive measures against contracting COVID-19 infection as well as Long Haul disorders from home.  Dr. Syed shares his medical expertise and broad understanding of the SARS-COV-2 by presenting the most widely published prophylactic solutions available.  This video clip offers a comprehensive set of over-the-counter supplements, including Vitamin C, D, Quercetin, and Magnesium; in addition, he discusses proper dosages for optimal efficiency.  Dr. Syed also presents the internationally recognized advantages of Ivermectin for prophylaxis; he shares his research and personal observations of its success for better protection from COVID-19. 

To access Dr. Syed's catalog of educational presentations, visit:

CANCER, COVID and IVERMECTIN - by: Kirby Lewis

Like Cancer, Covid does not discriminate! In fact, for cancer patients, Covid conditions are more complicated, so says NYCRA Ambassador Kirby Lewis (sufferer of metastatic breast cancer and a diabetic) contracted Covid infection in its most insidious form- asymptomatic, "which means having the disease without showing any signs until BAM~!"  Read about the unusual team that reversed Kirby's treacherous condition back to health and out of the ICU in 8 days! (See the complete Kirby Story from "All The King's Horses...")

Modern Imaging Technology to Improve Covid  Scanning & Quantitative Data

Our divided world can agree to the vast (and possibly conflicting) information out there offering to explain the Covid arena's medical backdrop.  From death toll and infection rates to recommended protocols for prevention, prophylaxis and treatment, getting it right is a responsibility framed by referencing QUANTIFIABLE data.  

In a 2021 seminar on cancer imaging at the Integrative Cancer Powermeet conference, Dr. Robert Bard presented the advantages of modern medical imaging to support optimum data collecting as part of what he considered "undisputable" intelligence when it comes to scanning a patient's physiology.  Medical imaging offers the age-old values that greatly support the medical diagnostic and detective work process: "pictures can tell a thousand words, what you see it what you get and images don't lie".  He identified the fundamental tracking of statistics like blood flow, spectral based parameters, muscular attenuation and the many other levels of data-mining that a scan can extract diagnostic and analytical information about the patient. [See Statistical Methods report by Dr. Martino Alessandrini and Prof. Guido Masetti].  Technologies like the 3D Ultrasound, the fNIRS, fMRI and other non-invasive tools help 'the detective' get many new readings that aid in the delivery of conclusive evidence.

The medical and patient communities both can challenge any data to be skewed or be flat-out wrong. But it is time as the audience of the pandemic information jungle to embrace the paramount responsibility of the clinical agencies who present these report to confirm not just the source or the peer-based reviews, but also recommend how the outputs of their fields of study should be referenced (and applied).  Hence, as we are still in the thick of the pandemic moment constantly writing history as we are living it, we must assess any current reports with an open mind much the same way a detective in a crime scene would.  This open mind must be driven by discernment and a grasp on reality that there are (yet) other possibilities that may be available that can challenge, reverse or support any conclusion driven by a prior evaluation- such that the open mind might want to take yesterday's data to be based on "what we can prove vs. what we know SO FAR". 


In a recent interview, Dr. Mobeen Syed (aka Dr. Been) shares his sources like NEXTSTRAIN.ORG and - data and informational sites dedicated to tracking the Covid-19 variants.  He explains the valuable published data about about the latest global SARS-CoV2 analysis since the beginning of pandemic. "There are hundreds of thousands of complete SARS-CoV2 genomes available, and this number increases every day. So what they're saying is -hundreds and thousands of variants are present and more are coming every day. This visualization can only handle 3000 genomes in a single view for performance and legibility reason because of this, we sub-sample available genome data for those analysis analysis view." 

We just published a report that "Long Haulerism" is really Endotheliitis and Vasculitis. And, we have marker CD40 Ligand and VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) -- they're elevated in almost every long-hauler because we found this cell that carries COVID protein 13-15 months after their infection. This cell is attracted to the blood vessels who have pathway involving FRACTALKINE (which is a protein most people may have never heard of). The cells express the Fractalkine receptors, so they migrate and patrol blood vessels all the while, bringing in COVID protein which elicits an active (local) immune response wherever the cells go - and they go everywhere. They cross the blood-brain barrier, they get into the pleural cavities, they get into the pericardium (the membrane that lines the heart) and people are talking about Pericarditis symptoms except they don't have the fluid that you normally see in a viral pericarditis.  (see complete article)

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Meet our Friends, Sponsors and Supporters

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