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THE NALIE LOUNGE: A Restrospective on an Inspirational Advocate

Written by: Lennard M.Goetze/ Sr. Publisher- NYCRA NEWS

1/15/2023- Professor Joseph Toy, clinical director of the Neuro-Life Integrated Health Clinics (Montreal Canada) and the Agustin family united to open THE NALIE LOUNGE, a special commemoration space for Nalie Agustin who passed away on March 22, 2022 of a long battle against metastatic breast cancer. 

Nalie Agustin, Montreal cancer advocate and public speaker was diagnosed in 2013 with stage 2B breast cancer.  It recurred and metastasized in the lungs in 2017 then traveled to the brain in 2020. Throughout this time, she was driven to advocate for research and awareness. She joined the fundraising for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.  She then became a best-selling author for her book, "The Diary of Nalie." She became a popular influencer in social media with her video shorts and her inspirational blog writings to countless audiences and subscribers.  She also kickstarted a movement about alternative therapies including her experiences with Prof. Toy and his protocols for Neurostimulation. Nalie took to researching for the many answers to cancer, including her final trip to New York City when she met with Dr. Robert Bard, pioneer cancer diagnostic imaging specialist who supported her mission to learn about non-invasive modalities.

According to Prof. Toy, Nalie was a "lovable force of nature" when it came to her love for live and those around her. "In our clinic, Nalie's treatment was always in Room #3- so it was fitting that this would become the permanent NALIE's LOUNGE.  To say the least, Nalie had a special way of 'conquering' hearts wherever she went. She brought joy and laughter in our clinic-- often pranking me in the most creative ways just to get me to laugh. I saw this healing power of laughter as medicine for us both- and was the driving force of our 24-7 mission to keep her from the pain of her medical treatments."

The Agustin family is establishing a foundation in Nalie's spirit- as part of their inspired mission to pursue continued education, awareness and support for cancer research.  "... there's a lot of people that are still referencing back to her YouTube videos and her Instagram for inspiration- both cancer victims and those haven't been affected by cancer", stated Nalie's brother Justin  from a private interview. "Nalie was able to motivate and inspire a lot of people and change lives. It is this legacy that we shall keep alive to continue making a difference all over the world!" 

The micro-gallery at NALIE's LOUNGE is open for private viewing for Prof. Toy's clients and Nalie's many friends and family. It is a rotating showcase of Nalie's photos, pages from her journal, her artwork and other memorabilia from her life.   Prof. Toy mentions creating an entire multimedia showcase area playing some of Nalie's most autobiographical videos "that will take you into her journey and her beautiful world."

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"The Diary of Nalie" - AVAILABLE NOW!

And in the midst of it all… she launched her first book:
“Nalie unlocks passages in her diary for you to discover her most profound life lessons and reflections learned throughout her journey thriving with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Her deep soul writing takes you on an emotional roller coaster and unveils ways to navigate a journey filled with uncertainty, challenges, setbacks and, more importantly, extraordinary comebacks. The Diary of Nalie is more than a memoir: It is an ode to personal growth – a poetic piece empowering you to live your most meaningful and purposeful life, no matter what you’re going through.”

NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE ON AMAZON | Audible coming soon! #thediaryofnalie
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1/19-2023- The ARE YOU DENSE ADVOCACY committee continues to recognize the importance of patients receiving their own personal medical information and directs the Food and Drug Administration to ensure that mammography reports and summaries received by patients and their providers include appropriate information about breast density specified by the Secretary, including, at a minimum, the effect of breast density in masking the presence of breast cancer on a mammogram, the qualitative assessment of the provider who interpreted the mammogram, and a reminder to patients that individuals with dense breast tissue should talk with their providers if they have any questions or concerns about their summary. From a prior report (3/28/2019) the Department of Health and Human Services, the FDA announced changes to the MQSA (Mammography Quality Standards Act) to include reporting of dense breast tissue to the patient- by and large, thanks to the Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc. Today,  [1]

Joe Cappello / Are You Dense? Foundation
According to a 12/13/2022 press release,  Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-03), Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01), and award-winning journalist Katie Couric introduced their legislation, the Find It Early Act. This bill would ensure all health insurance plans cover screening and diagnostic mammograms and breast ultrasounds and MRIs with no cost-sharing.  “It means a great deal to me to join Katie Couric, Congressman Fitzpatrick, and all of the breast cancer advocates here to talk about what we must do to detect breast cancer early and save women’s lives,” said Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. “As we all know, when it comes to surviving cancer, early detection is key – as 99 percent of women who receive an early diagnosis survive it. That is why today I am introducing the Find It Early Act, which would mandate all insurance providers to cover additional screenings including diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and breast MRIs, with no cost-sharing.” “At DenseBreast-info we hear from women all the time who find out they have dense breasts and that they would benefit from additional screening, but then discover they have to navigate getting approvals from their insurance providers - and begina frustrating cycle of phone calls, denials, appeals and more phone calls,” said JoAnn Pushkin, Executive Director of DenseBreast-info, Inc. “The Find it Early Act will help ensure that when a woman is told that her mammogram might not be enough – she will not have to struggle to pay for additional imaging, orchoose between household bills and a recommended test, or spread the cost of an MRI over one year, and skip the next year because the cost of the exam has strained her budget.”

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10/14/2022‐ MULTIPLE INTERNATIONAL KNIGHTHOOD - CLINICAL PIONEER OR JAMES BOND?    In a recent correspondence, IPHA NEWS caught up with Prof. Joseph Toy in a recent travel to SPAIN and French Riviera, where Marquis jean Michel Pacrazi, descendant of King Theodore awarded him the Black Eagle Knighthood (a top level honor among Royalties) as the Emperor of the Imperial order of China.  This royal invitation adds to Prof. Toy's impressive collection of royal appointments including a decoration by the Queen of England (2013) for his work in PTSD named the Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers issued by the Governor General of Canada (2016) and the exalted “Peace on Earth Award” in 2013 by Grand Prieuré Russe de l'Ordre de Malte (Order of Malta). 

Video News Release: Innovations in Early Detection

"Are You Dense?" Foundation Co-founder Joe Cappello joins the medical diagnostic community to promote the "Get Checked Now!" campaign. Dr. Robert Bard from the Bard Cancer Center (NYC) supports supplemental imaging including the 3D Doppler Ultrasound scanner to offer dense breast detection.  This video presents some of the latest advancements in ultrasound features to detect tumors through dense breast tissue- reportedly a significant challenge with mammograms. 

10/25/2022- HEALING, STRESS AND THE PARASYMPATHETIC SYSTEM:  Analyzing STRESS & ANXIETY from a holistic point of view means identifying the body’s interconnected systems (ie. circulatory, cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic, endocrine etc.) and its many touch points for stimulation.   This analysis should also offer a comprehensive breakdown of the body's HEALING capacity- which includes our hormones, digestive system, immune system, brain, heart-- all the way down to our cells and mitochondria.   Stress is part of life, and comes in many forms including physical, emotional, mental and environmental. Foods we eat, unhealthy relationships, difficulties at work, toxins in our environment, even poor posture or lack of sunshine can all create stress on our bodies. (See complete report by: Dr. Roberta Kline)



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