Friday, May 11, 2018

Launch of the first New York Cancer Resource Alliance Meeting with a Presentation on “EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION”

The first presentation by the Cancer Resource Alliance was hosted
at the Lotos Club of NYC - an historical landmark founded by writers,
journalists and academics in 1870
May 10, 2018- NYC; Dr. Steven Cohen, Chair of the Science & Technology Committee of the LOTOS CLUB hosted the 2018 speaker series with Dr. Robert Bard's opening presentation on Early Detection & Prevention by NYCRA (New York Cancer Resource Alliance) and The group elected Dr. Bard to launch this theme because of his expanded knowledge in today's modern diagnostic technologies and non-invasive applications including the 4D Doppler ultrasound technology - much of which has been driven by European medical influence for the cancer treatment community.

Dr. Bard is an internationally recognized leading expert in the use of this process for the screening, scanning and pre/post procedural monitoring of Breast, Prostate & Skin Cancers.  He is also known for his public mission to replace surgical analysis of tumors with his coined "digital biopsies".  Dr. Bard gave the standing-room only audience at the LOTOS CLUB an astounding look at the effectiveness of his imaging process to the surgical chain. He shared images of actual patient cases including the study of blood flow in tumors, behaviors of cysts, foreign bodies in trauma cases, fractures and his proven ways that cancers can be safely detected, studied and even treated with the use of non-surgical means. The high accuracy of 3D-4D Histogram analysis allows cancer treatment to be implemented without invasive biopsies that may spread tumor cells.

Dr. Bard & NYCRA partner Dr. John Hall
of Natural Source International
A special guest appearance by recent NYCRA member was Arthur Bartunek, a fellow at the Biofoundation for Angiogenesis Research & Development who covered the topic of PREVENTION through nutrition a discussion on dedicated supplement therapy.  He provided a comparative view leading to a great discussion between European health philosophies vs. the many 'bad eating habits' of Americans, our dwindled nutrition standards & our poor food quality as reflected on the staggering reports of obesity and diabetes cases.  

Dr. Bard continued his showcase of modern cancer studies by comparing all technologies and their efficacies- from Pet Scans, CT Scans, MRI's and X-Rays.  He showed their benefits and how his 4D Doppler system outperformed all of them 4-to-1 in getting the answers needed to monitor, identify and predict cancer behaviour. He wrapped up this micro-symposium with an introduction to his latest outreach mission to all 9/11 first responders and a personal quest to provide a more comprehensive  cancer diagnostic process as part of the ongoing battle of the thousands of new (and uniquely aggressive) cancer cases arising from ground zero 2001.

The educational board of AWARENESS FOR A CURE (non-profit cancer resource) which included Dr. Bard united to design this special public health & awareness presentation series to bring interactive education about all current cancer topics to community groups & organizations where recognized cancer professionals and medical experts can speak openly and directly with the public as a media prototype and a program for nationwide access. "Our allies from NYCRA collaborated on the many possible ways that we can bring continued awareness to the public about current options for all patients...", says the group's medical community advisor, Dr. Jesse Stoff. "...we hope to bring speakers from all walks of the cancer support community to represent their mission and share their perspectives --  from medical directors to alternative & holistic professionals, nutritionists, professors, cancer coaches, research labs, scientific analysts to the cancer foundations and fundraisers... t
he topics are endless and so is the work that goes behind the community of professionals on the front lines of battling cancer."

Dr. Bard concluded the presentation with a special mention of thanks to all the attendees from the Lotos Club plus a gesture of gratitude to all the members who recently joined the Cancer Resource Alliance including its directors. For media contact, call: 631-920-5757 or email:


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