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Types of Cancers from 9/11- an Overview

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Written by: Dr. Jesse A. Stoff
Edited by: Carmen Regallo-Dewitt (

There are epidemiological studies that give us the relative incidents and risk based upon sex, age, socioeconomic class, location and where people live. There are risks of getting all kinds of different cancers. For example, Long Island is known as a cancer cluster for breast cancer and some other cancers, but still there's a known risk per thousand population of getting any one of these diseases.

When you look at the population that have been exposed to the 9/11 fallout dust, you'll find that the incidents per capita has recently skyrocketed for a wide range of both common and uncommon diseases (like lung cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, cholangiocarcinomas, pancreatic cancer, etc.)
For people who have been exposed to the fallout (as lethal as radioactive fallout) and the dust from the 911 catastrophe, we're seeing not just these kinds of cancers but many other cases that are considered to be rare in prior groups. These rare cancers are delineated on the CDC website and are occurring, undoubtedly, because of the mixture of toxins that people have been exposed to. The volume of these toxins are absorbed into their bodies since 9/11 (while working with the clean-up efforts) and can't get rid of them. 

I've seen patients with very unusual blood borne cancers that have had very unusual genetics. I get genetic profiles of all my cancer patients and I've seen some very unusual genetic reports--undoubtedly because of the unusual combination of carcinogenic toxins that people were exposed to that have been lingering in their system for so many years. We're also seeing a marked increase in Monoclonal Gammopathies (MGUS) and Myelofibrosis which is progressive damage to the bone marrow that itself can become a cancerous process. We're seeing many people suffering changes to the structure and functioning of their immune system even without yet developing a cancer but for those kinds of changes their risk of developing skyrockets. Also, because of the shifting in their immune system we see a significant increase in the level of different kinds of allergies (including environmental based) that have become more prevalent and worse than before the exposure to this kind of toxic material.

In essence, the destruction and suffering continues.

Special thanks to our senior public supporter of all 9/11 First Responders- Mr. John Feal of the FealGood Foundation- whose countless achievements and tireless efforts in the fight to preserve the Victims Compensation Fund and other government-backed resources for 9/11 personnel.

About the author:
DR. JESSE A. STOFF is the medical director for Integrative Medicine of NY (Westbury) and an internationally renowned physician with extensive credentials in clinical immunology and holistic medicine. A graduate of New York Medical College, he pursued extensive post-doctoral training including a fellow- ship at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in London, England. Dr. Stoff published over 9 books {including co-authoring the bestsellers Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Hidden Epidemic and The Prostate Miracle} and over 250 articles on health & wellness. He has spoken worldwide in some of the most sought-after medical conferences about his experiences and analyses on the study of human disease.  His recent publications include the magazine IMMUNOLOGY TODAY and the medical text INTEGRATIVE ONCO-IMMUNOLOGY which is being distributed and accessed by medical colleges today.

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